batman image

Posted: February 5, 2011 in ideas for stitching!
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hi anyone who reads this,

ive made / edited this batman picture to create a epic image.

problem is that i want it to look like it came from a retro game but now i think its too pixellated!

what do you all think?

  1. blackmageheart says:

    Retro = pixellated? Lol, maybe. I think it’d look pretty cool the way it is atm 😀
    What’s the dimensions of the image?

    • ummmmm let me sheck……

      28″ by 14″

      391×198 sooo thats….

      77418 in total although i won’t ever do the white background!
      38000+ in 20 or so colours im just fine tuning the shading etc

      • blackmageheart says:

        That’s a pretty good size, I don’t think it’d look too pixel-y, especially with the greys and stuff. Looking forward to seeing it done sometime! ^^

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