now before i start i want to say sorry to all the people who read my blog for not updating it for months!

ive been really busy with another job, stitch events and just busy with life.

ok now for my stuff =)


Pokemon Charity Patches


over the last few months ive been working on seven squares for a massive pokemon quilt for the japan tsunami fund. A group of stitchers including myself are making 81 patches of all 151 first gen pokemon. So far we have made 45 at the time of posting this and ive done all of mine =)

here they are:

Each one took around a week or two depending on the fact i sometimes had to wait for colours to arrive.

doing these made me want to take a break from my normal ‘epic stitches’ (as they are being called) and start some smaller projects.

well thats what most of my time was spent doing but i also did these over the summer:



one of many events that happened was the stitched science event.

over the weekend we showed people how to cross-stitch and had a little selection of my work on show. it was a very funny event where most people who came didnt want to leave because they were having such a good laugh =)

I decided to just enjoy the weekend while teaching cross-stitch and if people liked it then hope they keep it up, if not then thats a shame.

this was one of many events where i helped jamie Mr X Stitch.

Another event was done by phil ‘urban cross-stitch’ davison. it was on a boat at the tamesis dock on a boat……….yep a boat!

As you can guess it was almost imposible to stitch on a rocking boat! Even this didnt stop it from being a really funny day out stitching =)

this was a promotional event for blue moon beer where if you buy a beer you get a free cross-stitch pattern. I havent really started this yet because of the fact that my girlfriend still feels sea sick just thinking of that day.

it was good to catch up with phil again after going a image for his book that came out in june. Ive not seen it yet so i might go to waterstones and take a look over the weekend.



here is a quick look of my final fantasyimage i started months ago!

ive got alot more to do on this but i just thought id show you how its going

well thats about all for now.

will keep posting over the next few weeks so keep looking or just subscribe and you’ll get a quick e-mail saying about my new post.


  1. gushi says:

    hello i was at the stitched science event on the saturday it was lovely meeting u and ur lovely girlfriend and great seeing ur stitching…amazing stuff!

  2. gushi says:

    great stuff! I wanted to ask actually, I remember you saying at the stitched event about the manga cross stitching book I was thinking of getting this book, would you recommend? Or are there any other retro/video games/star trek cross stitching books that you know of? I am planning to cross stitch something for someone who is a bit of a trekkie so any recommendations would be appreciated!

    • i like the book and the disk you get for free has a demo of the program that i use to design my own work so for the price its great!

      you can also import your own images into the demo to stitch! say the star trek logo or a enterprise outline. the dowm side is that you cant save it or print , although you can print screen then print that! =D

      if you like the demo you can buy the full version on discount if you buy from the link on the disk.

      the problem is that most companys dont want to make a book on licence based images like sprites from games because of the cost to use them =(

      hope this helps

  3. gushi says:

    awesome! Thats exactly what i was thinking of, i was planning to cross stitch the logo onto a suitably trekkie coloured garment…ive fiddled about with grids on photoshop but that programme demo that comes with the book looks good too. If u wouldnt mind could i send u a pic of my finished trekkie stitching? (i have to start it yet mind so may be a while!)

  4. FBLJJ says:

    Hi, was just browsing the web and saw your pokemon cross stitch patterns on I wanna do a few for my friends Birthday presents. Would you mind sending me some patterns? my email is


    • Hiya, sorry its taken so long to reply i’ve had alot of things to do and unfortunately the site had to come second.
      what type patterns would you like?
      Let me know and i will try and send it if i still have them.

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