About meee

ok some info about me:

for years ive made random stuff in a creative way and just chucked them aside once done.

Most people i know told me to focus more on arty stuff i do but im very distracted over the smallest things!

well the stitching stuff started when mims showed me a book called:


it was good but me being me said ‘let me try making my own stuff’ so i did! have a look in stitching to see =)

well more about me.

love games and have over 500 in my collection!

massive movie fan! of all types

ummmm if you wanna know more about me just ask =)

  1. Wayne Reed says:

    Hi there, not sure if you will remember me but we met at the science museum last month. I am the biker, scout leader from sunny Devon and you showed me and my son how to cross-stitch. Well I actually finished my initials that I started with you and really enjoyed it. I would like to send you a photo of the finished result. Its not up to your standard but for a 18 stone biker I think its pretty cool! Anyway when we spoke in London you told me about a program you could send me that I could use to turn images into patterns. If you are still able to do that it would be great as I would like to do some more cross-stitch and also get my Scout troop to have a go as well. I look forward to hearing from you. Wayne Reed

    • i remember you very well!

      glad you kept at it.
      i replyed to rugbyreed@talktalk.net but dont think you got it =(

      anyway if you see this comment feel free to send me a picture to my email:


      one with you holding your creation would be great and ill post it on my blog for the world to see if youlike =)

      hope you keep making stuff and look forward to seeing more pictures from you and your scout group

  2. Ashley says:

    Hi Colin, the cross-stitches u did are awesome!

    I had to stop work to look after my baby at home. As I have some spare time, I’m looking for a hobby to fill-in the gaps. Browsing the Net lead me to your site.

    Any tips on how I can get started?

    Looking forward to hearing from you …. Ash.

    P.s. The Dragonball coaster is really cool … I think it’s great to be able to find a use for your creations ; )

    • Thank you so much for the amazing comment.
      I’d say find a simple picture with a few colours to start with and make it =)
      Most people make anything just to learn but i don’t agree with that. Find something that you’ll wanna hang on your wall with pride, that way your more likely to finish it.
      top tips:
      1: start simple, otherwise you’ll get overwhelmed and stop.
      2: always go either //// or \\\\ way then the other to make X’s. makes it look really neat.
      3: dont worry about the back. only you will ever see it =)
      4: every 20 stitches or so let the needle drop and hang, this stops the thread twisting and then making knots.
      5: clean your hands often, aida stains really easy
      6: dont give yourself hard goals, remember its to do to relax =)
      7: if you have any problems you can find loads of places to get help. spritestitch.com is a great site that i use.
      8: use whatever stitching style works for you, i stitch with both hands and it really confuses people!
      sorry this has taken so long for me to reply.
      if you need any advice feel free to ask.

      Colin (Holder of Anime)

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