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hello everyone =)

Ive had one of those rare things in london, a weekend off!

i didnt want to waste it playing skyrim (although that would have been fun). insted i decided to stitch!

This is what i made:

I thought after all these years of reading, playing and watching Akira Toriyama’s work, I should pay tribute to his art style by trying to recreate some of it in stitched form.

This is a bust of one of the most iconic enemies in the Dragonball manga, Freeza (Freiza in us). The huge and epic battle on Namik between him and Goku is still one of those moments that any manga/anime fan talks about. It lasted an incredible 31 episodes in the tv show and was also the first time you see goku transform into the Super Saiyan form.

This manga went on to inspire many artists including Naoto Ōshima (Sonic), Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto) and many others.

This was the first time ive used black aida for one of my own designs and i really liked it. Although you cant see it to well on this photo it makes the image pop out alot more than the more common used white aida. It does take some time getting used to but after a while you get to know where the holes in the frabric are.

This is the first of many ive designed and over the next few months i will make more and post them for all to see =)

well like always feel free to comment and ask questions about my work and will post again very soon.

bye colin


hiya everyone,

just a quick post just to show you all on how far my batman picture has come along over the last month:

as you can see its still along way off being done but you can get a good idea on what it looks like =)

i wanted to make a stitch sized poster, something that you will see as you walk into a room and think thats cool! once you get closer you notice that its stitched and you’ll have to stop and really look at how ive made it. It’s around one metre long and 60cm tall. To give you an idea this is my girlfriend holding the picture:

im also working on a much smaller image this week thats just 54×54 stitch (3cm square) once i get to a point where its worth seeing i will post that too.

well i hope everyone who reads this is well and ill keep trying to post as and when i can.

bye for now =)

thought id let everyone know that this week is the The Knitting and Stitching Show 2011

this is the offical website:

its from the 6th-9th of october 2011 and should be good =)

Im working all week so im only going on the thursday so if your intrested and going on thursday then feel free to say hello.

ive never been to this event before so dont know to much about it but if its anything like the stitch an craft show you can stock up on all your supplies very cheap! I got 40 DMC skeins for £12! You can get Aida by the metre in various colours. but most importantly you’ll come across people like myself who make things you wouldnt normally see and loads of things to give you ideas for future projects.

If you cant make it or not so sure about going then keep checking my blog because ill post pictures and a quick review after the show!

(yes ill remember to take photos this time)

Also,  ive not forgotten about all my subscribers!

if i said im sending you something ive not forgotten, ive just had no spare time to do much on my only day off each week! =(

most of my work days are around 8-14 hours each day plus the 1 hour travel to and from work.

well like i said, if your there this thursday then come and say hi. youll also be able to see how far ive got on making my new batman stitch =)

my first ever stitch!

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this is from a book that i got from brighton about two years ago and was the first thing i ever made:

my first day of blogging!

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ok ive just made this on my only day off so its abit hit an miss.

cant seem to rotate most images and will fine tune the site once i have a bit more time.


comment on any thing and everything and any advice is welcome =)

must have a sonic picture in your collection!

it glows in the dark