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hiya everyone,

just a quick post just to show you all on how far my batman picture has come along over the last month:

as you can see its still along way off being done but you can get a good idea on what it looks like =)

i wanted to make a stitch sized poster, something that you will see as you walk into a room and think thats cool! once you get closer you notice that its stitched and you’ll have to stop and really look at how ive made it. It’s around one metre long and 60cm tall. To give you an idea this is my girlfriend holding the picture:

im also working on a much smaller image this week thats just 54×54 stitch (3cm square) once i get to a point where its worth seeing i will post that too.

well i hope everyone who reads this is well and ill keep trying to post as and when i can.

bye for now =)